Alexa Philippines Rewards and Referral Program

We at Alexa Philippines are starting this season of giving by launching our rewards system to you, our loyal patrons.
Yes, today we are happy to announce that Alexa Philippines rewards and referral program is up! Learn how to earn points from the instructions provided below:


 Create an account now and get an instant 200 points!


 Placing an order grants you 1 point for every ₱1.00 spent.


Spread the word! Share to Facebook and get 50 points. Follow us on Instagram to get another 50 points.


Treat yourself on your birthday as we are giving you 1000 points to make your day special!


Refer your friends and give them ₱100.00 off their bill amounting to ₱1,000.00 or above worth of products and you get ₱100.00 off your next ₱1,000.00 or above worth of bill, after their purchase.



Minimum redeemable value: 100 Alexa points = ₱10 off discount


Great rewards right? Sign up now and get yourself these awesome rewards!

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