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The RELX Classic is a closed-system vape with a sleek and minimalistic design. The finish of this device is a smooth aluminum alloy, which also keeps the device very lightweight. The indicator light is in the shape of a raindrop. To charge the Classic, just plug in a micro-usb cable. 

When it is time to switch pods, Classic keeps in simple. Just swap out the pod when you want a new flavor or when your pod is empty and the magnets will instantly secure each pod.

Since Classic was our first generation device, there is an abundance of available flavors. With over 20 flavors,* surely you can find something you like and perhaps find a new favorite!

RELX Classic is our first generation device with a minimalistic design. You can choose between many device colors and over 20+ flavors.* RELX Classic also comes in our Starter-Kits and for one price, you get the device with 1 pod. 

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    RELX Pods: Menthol Plus
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